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Tên TA: Mười Anh Em - Ten Brothers

Thể loại: Phim Bộ Hồng Kông

Thời lượng: 40 phần

Năm phát hành: 0

Lượt xem: 104276

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Nội Dung Phim :

Kei Hau Yee (Kenix Kwok), a wealthy girl, eats 10 magical seeds by accident and becomes pregnant. Her childhood crush, the poor sweet soup seller, Chan Dai Ha (Frankie Lam) lies that he is responsible for her pregnancy, even though he knows Hau Yee dislikes him and the couple is kicked out of their village, together with the 10 strange sons Hau Yee give birth to who all seem to grow into adults overnight. She and Dai Ha later dote on them and treat them like their own children. However, the couple lose their second and third son by accident and they are brought up to be unkind children by the wealthy but cruel Man Sai Hung (Liu Kai Chi), Marshall of the new village.

Hau Yee and Dai Ha are too poor to provide for their sons and are forced to give Ah Sei (Don Li) and Ah Shap (Wong Ping Hei) away to a theatre troop where they are mistreated by their teacher but are helped by the kind Siu Lan (Leila Tong) whom later Ah Sei and Ah Tai (Lai Lok Yi) both fall for. Ah Gao (Ip Wai) is given to an eldery couple with no children but the three sons later reunite with the family and Dai Ha and Hau Yee find out that the boys have magical powers. Ah Tai has brilliant long-sightedness and can see even miles away, Ah Sei has elastic skin, Ah Ng (Law Kwun Fung) has wings that can fly, Ah Lok’s (Kwok Jing) head is hard as steel, Ah Chat's (Matt Yeung)legs can grow, Ah Pat (Cheung Chi Hin), whose powers come out the last, can drill his way underground, Ah Gao can expand his mouth to yell to one miles away as well as blow huge gusts of wind and Ah Shap can cry buckets of tears.

Even the lost brothers back at Man Sai Hung’s house discover their powers. Ah Yee (Lam Yuen Ying) can hear things miles away and Ah Sam (Jack Wu) has incredible strength. When the two finally reunite with their family, the 10 brothers use their powers to assist their parents in doing good for the village. They however sacrifice themselves in the end for their parents and rise to the sky as 10 shining stars.



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